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History of Brandon Hall School

Originally founded as a tutorial proprietary school in 1959 by Theodore Hecht, Brandon Hall historically has focused on the individual learner with either one-to-one or small group classes. The school eventually became a nonprofit, nonsectarian, nondenominational college preparatory school. Subsequent presidents have been Harrison W. Kimbrell, Laurie S. Spigener, Gary Coker, Paul R. Stockhammer, and Dr. John L. Singleton, who was appointed in May 2010.

Founded on the late Morris Brandon summer home estate, the entire school initially was housed in what is now known as the Great Hall. Enrollment grew, additional facilities were built, and the school's programs expanded.

President & Head of School John L. Singleton, Ed.D.

Dr. John Singleton has 28 years experience working in public education, private education and school administration. Dr. Singleton graduated from Gardner-Webb University with a Bachelor's Degree in Education where he also received a fellowship for his Master's Degree in Education. Additionally, he completed his North Carolina public school administration certification at The University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he also started postgraduate studies. John received his doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2010 from the University of Phoenix.

Dr. Singleton's background includes teaching chemistry and physics and being a public school administrator for the first 15 years of his professional career. His strong belief in teaching students to be leaders and creative thinkers led him into the private school arena. Dr. Singleton has been an administrator at Stone Mountain School and New Leaf Academy in North Carolina, and Cedars Academy in Delaware before being appointed as Head of School at Brandon Hall.

Dr. Singleton has presented nationally and is published. His most recent presentations and publications occurred at Counsel for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) and National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), Advancement Master Class. The Landscape of Leadership: Leadership, Succession and Change Management. Washington D.C., January 12, 2013; Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), A Small Traditional Boarding School: The Best Practices, Philadelphia, PA, May 6, 2011 and Texas A&M University - Southwest Teaching and Learning Conference in San Antonio, TX.

He has furthered his studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the Independent Schools Institute (2010); Yale Child Study Center, Fred Volkmar, M.D. (2008); Minds and Hearts Clinic, Tony Attwood, Ph.D. (2007); Medical University of South Carolina, Russell Barkley, Ph.D. (2006); and the Ritz-Carlton Leadership Institute (2007).

In his spare time, Dr. Singleton loves to travel the world and leave his footprints in the sand, educate the public about 21st Century Learning skills, and spend time with his side-kick, Shelby, his Standard Poodle.

Presidents/Heads of School

Theodore Hecht (1959-1980)
Harrison W. Kimbrell (1981-1994)
Laurie S. Spigener (1994-1997)
Gary Coker (1997-2001)
Paul R. Stockhammer (2001-2010)
John L. Singleton, Ed.D.(Current)

Current Trustees

Carol Langendorfer (2016) - Chair of the Board
James R. Langendorfer (2015) - Past Chair of the Board
Dr. John L. Singleton - President
Lynne Ruff (2015) - Secretary
JoAnn Mustian (2014) - Treasurer
F. Rod Austin (2014)
Edward Schlissel, DDS (2015)
Lauri Grubb (2016)
Jerry Poole (2016)

Trustees Emeritus:

Robert L. Arko
Walter S. Huff, Jr.
Robbin Shipp, J.D.

Front porch of the Great Hall
Front porch of the Great Hall


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