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Summer School and Center for Global Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurial Studies


Summer Academics: Middle School and Upper School

DatesMay 30 - June 30, 2017

Imagine a summer where you can:

  • Challenge yourself academically with support from involved teachers and motivated peers
  • Remediate weaknesses, replace low grades, or get ahead by learning in small, friendly classes
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Experience the "must see" attractions of Atlanta and Georgia
  • Have an amazing time!

You can do all of those things and more at the Brandon Hall School Summer Academics Program!

Brandon Hall School Summer Programs are great for:

  • middle school students interested in building a strong foundation for academic achievement for the upcoming year; 
  • high school students seeking to get a head start on next year’s coursework or to remediate weaknesses and replace low grades; and
  • international students seeking to become more proficient in the areas of speaking, listening, grammar, reading and writing the English language.

At the end of the summer, students receive a grade and a transcript for each of their classes, as well as a Summer Programs certificate of participation at the graduation luncheon. Upper school students may request that transcripts of their grades be sent to their home high school or to any college to which they are applying. 

Our admissions team is ready to answer your questions and help you discover if spending the summer at Brandon Hall is a great fit for you.

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Center for Global Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurial Studies - Summer Programs


English Language Village

Program Dates: July 15 – July 30, 2017
Program Price: $3,500

Live and learn English in an amazing 28-acre wildlife preserve setting.  Our unique program offers full immersion in English speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills.  Students will balance academic classroom study with daily cultural and service learning adventures and experiences.  The Brandon Hall English Language Village will help students increase their confidence and communication skills needed to thrive in academic and professional settings. During this program, students will experience life on campus living in the Brandon Hall dorms, which will provide an opportunity for camaraderie and community as students study, dine and enjoy their time together.

English Self-Assessment


Global Youth Leadership in Action

Program Dates: July 15 - July 30, 2017
Program Price: $3,500

Strong leadership skills are a way to set yourself apart on a college application as well as in your future career. Explore your own individual strengths and talents engaging in international issues, development and entrepreneurship.  Refine your communication, listening and problem-solving skills through collaborative teamwork.  Develop the ability to question assumptions, expand your knowledge and venture outside your comfort zone.  Learn what it takes to become a world-class leader. During this program, students will experience life on campus living in the Brandon Hall dorms, which will provide an opportunity for camaraderie and community as students study, dine and enjoy their time together.


Customized Summer Program

Program Dates: TBD
Program Price: TBD

We collaborate with you to create a program that meets the unique goals of your students, which would not be possible in a traditional, predefined program.  Through this customized program, you set the goals to be achieved and the timetable.  During this program, students will have the ability to experience life on campus living in the Brandon Hall dorms, which will provide the potential for camaraderie and community as students study, dine and enjoy their time together.


Contact Information:
Justine McDonald, Summer Programs Director
Office: 770-394-8177 x211
Cell: 404-395-8543

Earth Science Field Studies Summer Program

Program Dates: June 3 - June 17, 2017
Program Price: TBD

Join us for an incredible adventure!  Earth Studies combines a love of the outdoors with learning. Spend a week on our beautiful campus learning the skills necessary to really enjoy going out in the field and exploring using the earth as our textbook. Topics covered during the learning phase will include topographic maps, geologic history and systems of Georgia, ecology, astronomy, fresh water assessment and remediation, and botany. We will then apply this knowledge in the field to real world situations through problem-based learning. Students will be presented with a problem that they need to observe the world around them to solve. We will also go kayaking, caving, zip lining, hiking, and orienteering.

Live and commit to community life in the Brandon Hall dorms, where you will gain camaraderies, life skills, and self confidence, through constant collaboration with peers from around the world. Students will enjoy three meals a day, seven days a week. The Corley Dining Hall gives students the option of eating indoors, outside in the courtyard, or on the outdoor bistro.


Contact Information:
Justine McDonald, Summer Programs Director
Office: 770-394-8177 x211
Cell: 404-395-8543

The Dorm

Boarding life is very different from home in a bunch of great ways. Another student is always nearby to hang out, hold a study group or watch a movie. Like at college, you’ll have a roommate and residential life staff supporting you every step of the way. By the end of the summer, you will not be able to imagine life without friends all around.

The Food

Food at boarding school is more than fuel. Meals in the dining hall become social events as you sit beside your friends and faculty members. You’ll enjoy a variety of tasty, healthy choices, which means the menu never gets old.

The Weekends

The boarding school life is about more than class. It’s an experience that allows you to build character through service projects and recreational activities. On the weekends, we explore Atlanta and attractions in Georgia. The fact that your friends are always around means that spontaneous fun breaks out all the time.

What To Bring

Be sure to bring your laptop (it’s required), comfortable clothes, linens to fit a twin sized bed, closet storage, hangers, organizer bins, laundry storage, towels & washcloths, a shower caddy, no-nails décor and desk accessories.  You can shop our Pottery Barn Residence Hall Program at for exceptional savings and top-quality bedding and décor. Laundry facilities are available on campus and we will offer trips to local stores for essentials that a student might forget or want to purchase upon arrival.

What To Wear

There is no uniform for the summers. Dress casual and be sure to bring a swimsuit and athletic wear for activities. Georgia summers are hot and humid with temperatures in the afternoons that reach, on average, to near 90 °F (32 °C). Overnight lows fall to near 68 °F (20 °C).