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Clubs and Organizations

Brandon Hall requires that each student participate in at least one co-curricular/extracurricular organization or team sport during the year. The school provides a wide variety of clubs and organizations students can join. Each organization establishes its own mission, criteria for membership, and activities for the year. 18-19 activities and their sponsors can be viewed here.

Brandon Hall holds an assembly in the fall for clubs and organizations to present an overview of their mission and activities. Students sign up and attend organizational meetings. Once a student has made a commitment to a club, he or she is expected to attend and to adhere to the requirements.

Students may participate in more than one activity, provided they can meet the attendance and other requirements. Students who sign up for an organization that meets during the school day must be in attendance.

Clubs are decided each year by student interest. Students interested in forming a new club should meet with Dean McAfee at the beginning of the school year. During the 2017-2018 school year, we offered the following clubs:

Clubs & Organizations