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Global Intelligence

Global Intelligence

Global Intelligence is a key component to personal student growth which is also an opportunity of a lifetime for our students to develop and mature as citizens of the global community at a young age. Global Intelligence consists of two components; academic and international travels. Brandon Hall School uses 21st century skills to understand and address global issues and create an interest and understanding of other societies and cultures through both academic studies and international travels, thereby giving them greater awareness and respect for their own community, as well as the interconnectedness of culture, language and the individual throughout the world.

Learning from and working collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures and religions through their international travels and Brandon Hall’s unique diverse population within the school, our students express this awareness by becoming ambassadors of our planet. They also learn to care for our global home as a physical environment and as a socially supportive space.

Through purposeful international travels, students learn to effectively integrate global content into their everyday life and core school work.

Ultimately, our goal is to support and contribute to young people becoming more respectful, intuitive and compassionate graduates who will go on to be responsible and productive global citizens.

Global Education Program

The mission and philosophy of Brandon Hall’s Global Education Program is to provide opportunities for students to develop their role as citizens of their nation and global community. This is accomplished by establishing an appreciation of the world, its past, and how the current world is a product of countless global influences.

The curriculum builds inter­departmental support for the inclusion of global issues, servant leadership, diversity, inclusion and citizenry through research, travel, and character development projects. Participating students will develop critical thinking skills by using facts, general discussions, and outside resources to analyze and synthesize topics that will challenge their minds and current world paradigm by enriching their understanding of globalization and global citizenry.