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Honor Code and Code of Conduct

Honor Code

On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized assistance on this work.

The Honor Code assists students in understanding that the academic work they do must be their own and that they must give proper credit to the research they have done. Each classroom has the Honor Code posted in it. Students sign each test and major academic work indicating that they have abided by the Code.

On a test, quiz, homework, or major academic project, the student is indicating that he or she has in no way looked at or copied information from another student’s work/paper or that he or she has not “cheated” in anyway by having concealed information.

On research papers, the student is indicating that he or she is not submitting a paper or parts of a paper written by someone else, copied from another course, or contains information whose source has not been cited.

In essence, the student is attesting that he or she not only understands the importance of honesty and integrity but also applies it to his or her work.

Code of Conduct

I will not lie, cheat, steal, harass others, nor tolerate those who do.

The impetus and energy behind the Code of Conduct and character education at Brandon Hall School did not solely come from within the school’s educational community. It was fueled by the parental desire for an orderly independent school where standards of behavior and good habits are stressed. One of the appealing aspects of character education at Brandon Hall is that good character traits are woven into the curriculum, which speaks directly to the formation of a good citizen.

A widely accepted definition of character education is helping a child to know, do, and desire the principles of social responsibility. As a nonsectarian independent school, Brandon Hall’s focus on character education is civic, dealing exclusively on the formation of good citizenship traits.