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Learning Support Center

Brandon Hall’s Learning Support Center (LSC) provides a supportive academic environment to all students who, by past achievements and/or observations, will benefit from additional content-specific and skills-based professional intervention. These students receive support for a designated LSC class each academic day.

The LSC Structure
The Dean of Academics bases the placement of students in the Learning Support Center upon a comprehensive academic review and a joint decision with the parents. Up to three members of the faculty serve as LSC staff specialists and work in tandem with students’ other teachers to ensure the best possible collaborative environment. This partnership helps students establish attainable short- and long-term goals, and develop higher order thinking skills.

How the LSC Operates
The LSC faculty builds on Brandon Hall’s broad curriculum through the application of evidence-based intervention and the enhancement of self-actualization and problem solving methodologies.

Our Learning Support Center is an elective service for any student who will benefit from additional content-specific and skills-based intervention. These services include:

Small Class Size
To guarantee that each student receives the support and guidance needed, classes in the Learning Support Center are designed to be small. The class size for students needing extra intervention and/or remediation in Math and/or Reading with a content specialist is limited to five students.

The Learning Support Center supports the following learning differences: