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Middle School

Middle School – Grades 6, 7, 8

The Middle School provides the foundation for a traditional college preparatory curriculum by using a variety of instructional methodologies. Through these methodologies, students learn more than content; they learn how to think critically, problem-solve and work collaboratively with their classmates and with people from various countries around the world. Our students learn to apply knowledge from the classroom, and take the initiative to impact their own world as well as the world around them. We encourage creativity and imagination while teaching the importance of effective calculations, written and oral communications.

Curriculum Offerings

Grading Scale with Grade Point Average Values

90 - 100 = A
80 - 89 = B
70 - 79 = C
60 - 69 = D
Below 60 = F

Community Service

Brandon Hall strongly recommends that students complete 15 hours of community service per school year as we believe that this is a manageable number and also significant enough to have an impact on each student as well as our community. We are looking forward to providing enough service opportunities through the school to meet this goal and also encourage students and families to explore service opportunities in their own community.

Required hours will be pro-rated for the current students and students with rolling admissions based on an expectation of 15 hours per year. Service hours must be approved and turned into the Counseling office in order to count. Service hour forms may be completed here or in the BHS Counseling office. Any questions about the Community Service Program, requirements, forms, etc. may be directed to Nicole Hopkins in the Counseling department.