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STEAM Fair 2016

Congratulations to all of the winners of our Annual STEAM Fair, held on Wednesday, December 7. The afternoon presentation allowed time for students and staff to view all of the experiments that students conducted. A special congratulations goes out to our two overall winners, who will be advancing to the Fulton County Science Fair in January.

Benjamin Gossett - "Force of Breaking Bones"
Avi Price - "Color Blind"

STEAM Fair Winners by Category

3rd Place – Tracey Mao – “Factors that Affect Friction”
2nd Place – Margaret Meagher – “Effects of Temperature and Salinity on Refraction”
1st Place – Benjamin Gossett – “Force of Breaking Bones”

3rd Place – John Wallace – “Effects of Fertilizer on Grass”
2nd Place – Andrew Harvey – “The Beverages to Take With Aspirin”
1st Place – Owen Hodson – “Kitchen Biofuels”

3rd Place – Cherish Daniel-Markson and Shannon Wang – “Bacterial Growth on Classroom Surfaces”
2nd Place – Annette Trinh – “Effects of Gender on Memory”
1st Place – Avi Price – “Color Blind”

Physical Science       
3rd Place – Jade Ye – “Does Tea, Coffee, or Milk Stain Your Teeth?”
2nd Place – Raeven Wood – “Electrolyte Challenge”
1st Place – Tyler Leon – “Precipitation”

Middle School
3rd Place – Aidan Aronowitz and Nick Lay – “Hoverboard”
2nd Place – Fernanda Meagher – “Does Sight Affect Taste?”
1st Place – Louis Cimperman – “How Well Do Fruits and Vegetables Conduct Electricity?”

3rd Place – Amanda Ngarambe – “Data Collection of Recyclable Trash in Sipple Hall Dormitory”
2nd Place – Kiara Martin – “Soil Erosion”
1st Place – Whitney Phillippe – “How Much Reusable Material Does My Family Use on a Weekly Basis?”