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Accreditations and Memberships





Accreditation ensures that a school meets certain standards established by each organization. The state requires schools to maintain accreditation by certain organizations in order to receive the HOPE Scholarship.

Colleges also look at accreditation to ensure that the student has been at a school that meets certain standards. It is possible for a non-accredited school to meet the standards, but accreditation insures that a committee has reviewed the school. We have chosen to have SAIS and SACS as our accrediting agencies; therefore, we meet their standards. You may want to visit their websites to learn more about each organization.

As far as an individual student is concerned, the benefit is the assurance of certain standards. Graduating from an accredited school does not guarantee entrance to a college. Colleges look at the curriculum, the grade point average, scores on the SAT and/or ACT, student’s activities, counselor’s recommendation, teacher’s recommendation, the interview, etc. Our students are accepted at a wide range of colleges, depending on the individual student.


Brandon Hall conducted a self-study in 2013-14 for accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Southern Association of Independent Schools.

Download the Self-Study