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Athletic Policies

Eligibility and Participation Requirements

All students are eligible to participate, provided they have a current physical on file at the school and they are in good health. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the school’s administration if there is any type of physical problem or illness of which the school should be aware or that would necessitate limitations of activities.

A student must be passing all subjects and adhering to the academic and conduct standards of the school. The coach or Director of Athletics may restrict students from practice or game participation if students are not passing or adhering to other academic policies.

A student must be in good standing in regard to conduct on the team and the adherence to the school’s rules and regulations. The Dean of Students may also impose restrictions in regard to athletic participation when a student’s conduct is less than satisfactory. Students must demonstrate respect to coaches, peers, and teams from other schools.

Playing Time and “No-Cut” Policy

While the school has a basic “no-cut” policy, actual playing time is governed by an individuals attendance at practice, skill level, cooperation with the team and coach, sportsmanship, adherence to the coaches directions, and in some cases to the level of competition that the team has reached.

In most cases at the Middle School level, coaches make every effort to play team members at each game. In the more competitive Upper School sports, the coach uses his or her discretion in playing each team member, depending on competitiveness and stakes involved in the game.

Team Members’ Conduct

Each team member is expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times and to “honor the differences” of team members and fellow players.

Parental Support

The school encourages parent attendance and support at games. It also expects parents to support the school in its attempt to instill a strong work ethic and good sportsmanship. Parents are asked to set an example at games by their own civility and sense of fair play. Fans at games are expected to respect the coaches and officials.

Any violation of this policy will result in a meeting with the parent and the school’s administration. The school reserves the right to restrict anyone from its games who fails to show proper respect and civility.