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Benefits of Boarding

Given the mission of Brandon Hall School and the students we serve, families in our community enjoy several benefits of boarding.

  • There are few schools in the United States with a college preparatory academic program that provides small, friendly classrooms that inspires students to challenge themselves academically, socially, and physically.
  • The program allows for more consistent, organized and structured days, in which there is a close accountability for both personal and study habits and the completion of homework. Faculty supervise evening study halls to give students the time and focus to do their work.
  • In some cases, parents have become frustrated as they try to impose schedules and standards. Boarding removes the parent from the day-to-day supervision and provides a more objective situation.
  • For students who enjoy athletics and other extracurricular activities, the program allows for designated times for the activities while consistently upholding the academic emphasis.
  • International students learning English benefit from being immersed in the English language and American culture. American students enjoy the benefits of knowing students from other countries and cultures.
  • Students learn to live in a community with their peers by helping keep their rooms, halls, restrooms, and common areas neat and clean. Areas of student leadership are afforded through the student prefect program.
  • Located in suburban Sandy Springs in metropolitan Atlanta, Brandon Hall is only minutes to the Southeast’s leading sports, recreational, and cultural centers. Planned weekend activities utilize these important resources that enhance a student’s living.

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