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From Snooze Button to Lights Out,
Here is a Day in the Life of a Boarder at Brandon Hall School

6:15 AM

Alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button. Nine minutes later, it’s off to the showers.

6:40 AM

Made a good call getting an early shower. Time to use those extra few minutes to nail down the ins and outs of the Teapot Dome scandal.

7:05 AM

Meet friends at Corley Dining Hall. Today’s choice: veggie omelet from the build-your-own-omelet bar. Delicious, as always.

7:32 AM 

Hang in the courtyard for a few, and then find my history teacher to get that last Teapot Dome question answered before class.

7:45 AM

Off to British Lit class. We’re halfway through Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and it’s getting crazy. Sara and I created a flowchart to make sure we know who’s into who, and why. Who knew Shakespeare could be as OMG as The Vampire Diaries?

9:30 AM

Head out to the courtyard between classes to check my email. Mom says she sent my care package FTW!

10:00 AM

Time for French class. We’re going on 18 straight classes without using English, and I don’t want to break the streak. At this rate I’ll be ready for just about any conversation that comes my way when we go to Nice this summer.

12:00 NOON 

Lunchtime. I heard the chef has set up an awesome fajita bar. I’ll grab a little herbal tea too to get through my afternoon full plate.

12:25 PM 

After lunch, head back to the commons for a quick break. When the air gets crisp in the fall, it’s one of my favorite places to be. Even get an Instagram-worthy post of Sara—looks like she’s at Hogwarts.

1:30 PM

Hit the LSC for study hall and score that choice seat near the window overlooking the river. Gotta remember not to talk too loud when I practice along with my French vocab program on my iPad.

4:00 PM 

Soccer match. Glad I ate that extra fajita—the protein kept me strong in the second half. Big win for the Panthers!

4:00 PM

Run into French teacher. Try out six new vocab words, get five of them right. I guess those funny looks I got for talking out loud in study hall were worth it.

4:45 PM

Chilling out at the dorm for a few—until I remembered that the auditions for the spring musical happen next week. Time to see how much of that solo I remember.

5:30 PM

Time for dinner. Turns out my English teacher has a spot at his table, along with a couple of younger students. I tell everyone about our flowchart—the teacher asks me to share it at class in the morning.

5:55 PM

One of the younger students at my table is having a birthday. You know what that means—cake night!

6:45 PM

Study hall at the dorm. Time to buckle down on those Chemistry formulas that have been giving me trouble all week, but I can’t help but wonder how Sara did in the soccer match.

7:35 PM

Jump on Facetime to work on a tricky trig problem with my classmate. It’s great that tech lets us connect with day students even after school is through.

8:15 PM

Chemistry formulas are making a lot more sense. Make a note to check in with my teacher in the morning before class to answer that little nagging question.

8:45 PM

Head to the dorm lounge for popcorn. Glee is primed on the DVR, and all us Gleeks are ready.

9:45 PM

Check out with my Floor Coordinator. Time to check Instagram to see if Sara liked her Hogwarts glamor shot, and to like her pics from the big Panthers soccer victory.

10:30 PM

Lights out. Hit the bed after another great day in the life at Brandon Hall School.