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Parent Association

Who We Are

The Parent Association believes that Brandon Hall is a community of educators that can, along with parents, build a safe learning environment for our children where they can be encouraged and challenged to be innovative, unique and successful in their higher education pursuits. It is our goal to assist the school in providing maximum advantages for the education and development of the students in many areas of their lives.

Our Mission

The mission of the Parent Association is to: 1) enhance the overall educational experience at Brandon Hall by creating a sense of community, and 2) support and enhance the Brandon Hall learning environment by supporting our teachers and staff, so that they can continue to provide outstanding academics and create an exciting and challenging experience for every student.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Parent Association welcomes all Brandon Hall parents to become involved in the life of our school. We have many opportunities for you to make at difference at Brandon Hall, including:

Please contact us at if you are interested in volunteering or have questions about any of these opportunities.

The Brandon Haul 5K Race

The Parent Association is excited to kick off the inaugural Brandon Haul 5K Race this school year. It is the primary fundraising event for the Parent Association, in cooperation with Brandon Hall, during the 2017-2018 school year.

The Brandon Haul 5K Race is an opportunity to open our beautiful campus and foster stronger relationships within our community. In addition, using the funds raised,  it will allow the Parent Association to support faculty and staff professional development, and other educational development opportunities.

Our desire is to bring together local residents, running enthusiasts, and the Brandon Hall School community for a safe and fun activity. Volunteers are alway welcome to participate in the planning and execution of this fun event. Please feel free to contact Beth Reaves at if you are interested in helping out, or click here to register.

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Grade Ambassadors Program

The Brandon Hall Grade Ambassadors Program aims to build relationships among parents, as well as a partnership between the school and parents, in order to promote close cooperation and communication.

The number one goal of the Grade Ambassador Program is to serve as a welcome and support system for newly-enrolled students and families. Parent volunteers, assigned a grade level, greet our new families over the summer, facilitate contact with current Brandon Hall families, contact them occasionally during the school year, and help guide them through their initial adjustment to Brandon Hall.

Additionally, Grade Ambassadors, open communications between all the parents at each grade level and facilitates interaction, allowing parents to discuss events, situations and occasions specific to their student’s grade (i.e. field trips, homework, testing, college applications, graduation).

Grade Ambassador volunteers are needed each year. We will be looking for volunteers in late Spring, as we prepare for the new school year and incoming new families. Parent volunteers will be assigned to the grade their student will be in Fall that year. Grade Ambassadors will be chosen by the beginning of Summer break, to allow time to contact new families over the Summer before Orientation of the new school year. Please e-mail Beth Reaves if you are interested in volunteering.

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The Panther's "Claw"set

The Panthers "Claw"set, informally known as “the Claw,” is the used uniform store located on the second floor of Corley Dining Hall on campus. The Claw collects current, gently used uniforms and resells them to students at significant savings.

 Available uniform items are held in stock, and volunteers can assist with selecting appropriate attire for your student. The Claw is open every Wednesday during the school year from 7:30am to 8:30am. Students may charge items to their student account.

Families are encouraged to donate used uniform items to the store. Items can be left in the treasure chest under the table in the Great Hall at any time. All proceeds benefit Brandon Hall School.

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Teacher and Staff Appreciation

Brandon Hall School has a wealth of incredible educators, who broaden and build the minds of our students daily. The Parent Association is continually amazed by the talents of this accomplished group. We believe it is imperative to show how much we appreciate the abundant effort they make each day to educate and develop our children.

The Parent Association collects membership dues from parents wishing to participate (a total of $100 per family during 2017-2018 school year). These funds are used to support teacher and staff appreciation. Holiday and year-end gifts are given to teachers and staff, and a teacher/staff appreciation week of fun and food is held annually. If you are interested in showing your appreciation, please feel free to contribute online at

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