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BHS Creates Hydroponic Garden With Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant


Brandon Hall was selected as a recipient of a $2,000 Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant, which is being used to create a hydroponic garden in conjunction with the Flik Dining staff.

The garden will start with romaine lettuce for our salad bar and expand into tomatoes and cucumbers as interest and demand grows. Our food services staff says that BHS goes through a minimum of ten heads of romaine in a week, so none of the romaine that we grow will go to waste!

This garden will be a great demonstration for students to show that there are multiple ways to grow food, and that food can be grown using a minimum of space or resources. We are also starting to compost our kitchen scraps for "compost tea", which will be added to the hydroponic system as nutrients for the plants. This will provide a way to complete the nutrient cycle and will grow organic vegetables.

The vegetables grown will be harvested and handled by Flik, and the food will be weighed before being used in the meals or on the salad bar. This total weight will be advertised in the cafeteria through signs and on a totals poster throughout the school year.